Last update 14 Oct 2009

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USA - DSRV - SRDRS Last update : 

Pictured right is the Avalon now inactivated.  It is the sister of the Mystic which was inactivated on the PRM Falcon activation, september 30th 2008. It was built in the early seventies.


28 (4 of those are crew)


Three TV cameras

Manipulator with a cable cutter

Dimensions: 12.4 x 3.2 x 4.3m
Capabilities: - Capable of mating to a submarine collapse depth

- System designed for rescue up to 5 atmospheres

- TUP is possible only to the forward compartment of a UK MOSUB to a maximum pressure of 1.7Bar absolute.


System maintained at Deep Submergence Unit, NAS North Island, CA

Transport: Air: AN-124 or C-5A/B

Can operate from MOSUB (US - 6 SSNs, UK - 3 SSBNs, FRANCE - 1 SSBNs) or specially configured surface ship (Two US MOSHIP)