Last update 25 nov 2009
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The Korean LR5K is operated from a dedicated Mother ship CHUNG HAE JIN.

Displacement 21.4 Tons
Rescue Capacity 10 Personnel
Speed 2.3kts

Submarine Rescue Vessel   CHUNG HAE JIN

Launched : Oct 95  -  Commissioned : Nov 96

Disp. Full Load  4368 Tonnes
Length 102.8m  (337ft)
Beam 16.4m     (54ft)
Draught 4.6m        (15ft)
Range 9500nm  (at 15kts)
Speed 19kts

CHUNG HAE JIN was built as a multi purpose salvage and rescue vessel.  It carries an ROV a nine man diving bell and the LR5K SRV.  TUP capable with onboard recompression facilities.  In addition she has a deck for operating a light helicopter and 2 LCVPs. Station keeping is with a four point mooring system or DPS.