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Vehicle Dimensions:

Length: 2.75m

Width: 3m

Height (with mating skirt and 15 wedge): 3.5m

Height (without skirt):2.75m

Weight (with skirt and wedge fitted): 21.3 tonnes

Maximum operating depth: 457m (1500ft)

Air Transport Whole system is capable of being loaded onto large aircraft for delivery to port of embarkation.  One An 124 plus 2 or 3 C130;  One C17 plus 6 C130 or 2 C17 are required. 

NB system comprises Vehicle plus A Frame and numerous containerised offices, workshops and stores.


Pressure Hull: Glass reinforced plastic

Diver Lock out compartment: Steel

Viewports: Acrylic


120v and 24v 504 AH at 5 hour rate.

Endurance highly dependent on battery usage

likely range: In excess of 12 hours

Life Support: Endurance 75 man days CO2 absorption material and Oxygen

Nominally, the payload is stated at 680 kg.

Additional buoyancy can be carried externally

Speed: Maximum speed is 2.5 knots
Through water communications:

Underwater telephones SUBCOM-10KHz (compatible with 2008 and 2056) and 27KHz

2056- Voice and pinger, 10KHz, 27KHz and 45KHz

Also pinger only, 27.5kHz

Radio Equipment:

VHF Radio channels 15, 16, 33

UHF Radio channel 1 - 444.55 MHz

Channel 2 - 444.60MHz

Tools available:

Manipulator Slingsby TA 9 7-function master slave.

Claw 2-function ejectable claw with 12" and 21" diameter options.

'Secatuer' Cutter Capacity to cut 25mm diameter soft rope.

'Guillotine' Cutter Capacity to 50mm and 89mm wire rope

Disc cutter 305mm discs

Operating crew:

Eight qualified people in support

One pilot and one Diver Lock Out Chamber operator when submerged

Weather/Sea conditions:

Can operate up to sea state 6 and/or gale force 7.

Surface visibility is not to be less than 1nm.

Mating Angle:

Mating can be achieved up to 10 heel on LR5 or at up to 60 bow up.

A skirt wedge is available to assist with mating

Rescuee Capability:

At internal pressure of one Bar LR5's cram capacity is sixteen rescuees.  It was outfitted with a basic transfer under pressure (TUP) capability using a deck transfer lock, type "A" and Type "B" chambers.

Auxiliary Equipment:

Is all fully contained within two standard containers and includes battery charging, HP air and oxygen charging and workshop facilities.